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Welcome to the News section of Stanley. Here you will find the latest developments from us, along with industry news, information on events we will be exhibiting at and more. You can also stay up-to-date with us across our various social media platforms – be sure to follow and connect with us!

The history of the NuDrive Air

Posted on July 31, 2018 in Mobility, NuDrive Air, NuDrive

The NuDrive Air was previously called the NuDrive and invented by a young inspiring British student named Robert Orford. Robert devoted his A-Level design project to developing a solution for[…]

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Football's Coming Home!

We hope you have been following this years' World Cup because Stanley have some excellent stair climbers offers...

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How to move white goods up and down stairs

Posted on June 27, 2018 in moving white goods, commercial stair climbers

Trying to shift a washing machine, tumble dryer or fridge up and down stairs? Yup it's a pretty laborious task!

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World Cup: Stanley's Back of the Net Savings

Posted on June 15, 2018 in stair climber offers, world cup

Yes! The World Cup is here!

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Storage ideas for food & beverages

Looking for a great storage solution for your supermarket, warehouse, restaurant or bar? Well look no further, Stanley have you covered.

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More LiftGate moments at the CV show

LiftGate Demonstrations at Stand 4D82

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Preventing Trip Hazards in School

Are you preventing trip hazards in your school? Where there’s blame, there’s a claim right? It’s a catch phrase we have heard time and time again, with some cases highlighted in the news recently.[…]

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Mobility Stair Climbers in Airports, Trains & Buses

There has been a great deal of news surrounding disabled passengers and their delayed departure times from airplanes, trains and coaches. As Stanley are providers of mobility stair climbers we[…]

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Transforming Messy Cloakrooms

Many schools across the UK are kitted out with traditional coat hooks and benches for their cloakrooms but with an increasing student population, these cloakrooms over time have become over-used and[…]

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Wheelchair Stair Climbers: Lifting alternatives for your business

Many important environments such as hospitals, residential homes and high story buildings depend heavily on lifts for transporting people and goods, but what happens if that lift breaks down? Or you[…]

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