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Stanley have decades experience providing eye-catching and efficient storage for a range of supermarkets, stores, restaurants, bars and so on. We understand the importance of enticing your customers the moment they walk through the door as well as utilising your valuable floor space. We also take into account your 'back of house' ensuring your stock is stored safely and efficiently, with your employees’ personal storage covered.

When we design for businesses in the food and beverage sector we look at the types of products you intend to display, the conditions they have to be stored in, the overall layout of the business and most importantly, your budget. We listen to your thoughts and answer any questions you may have about the intended project and keep you up to date throughout the entire design and installation process.

You may be thinking how much does a project like this cost?

Well for starters we offer a FREE site survey & design survey which enables our storage experts to visit your site to complete an initial inspection. From there, our storage experts will recommend a solution designed for your space and budget. If you decide to proceed, we then push forward with the installation, which we can schedule around your closing times to limit the overall disruption to your business.


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