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L Series Stair Climbers for Materials

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Introducing the L Series

Stair Climber for Materials

The L series are one of the strongest and most unique machines in our portfolio. There are two models within this series, these are called the L1 and the LE1. The L1 is a specialist stair climber that can lift loads up to 295Kg, whereas the LE1 can lift loads up to 318Kg and features a movable  to plate.

What’s great about this feature is it allows the operator to transport loads up and down stairs and then onto a surface using a single motion. This machine is perfect for transporting medium-heavy loads such as coffee machines, safes and much more.

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Key benefits:

  • Maximum Capacity 318Kg
  • Aluminium Truck Construction
  • Movable Toe Plate
  • Push Button Control
  • Operates on Tight Landings
  • Removable Battery for Easy Charging
  • In-Transit Charging
  • Single Operator Reduces Labour Costs
  • 12-Month Parts Guarantee
  • Certificated Training
  • Competitive Purchase and Leasing packages
  • National Maintenance Team of Engineers
  • Man & Machine Service
  • Extensive Range of Accessories for Specific Requirements
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