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NuDrive Air

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NuDrive Air Propulsion Levers for Wheelchair Users
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NuDrive Air for Kids
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Introducing the NuDrive Air

Propulsion technology

The NuDrive Air comprises of two cleverly designed levers which attach to a wheelchair in a matter of seconds. By doing so, wheelchair users can propel themselves forwards, backwards, manoeuvre and brake, enabling them to tackle steep hills and slopes without assistance. Operating at a 50% increased efficiency compared to traditional wheelchair steering the NuDrive Air not only improves user independence but promotes a healthier lifestyle.

The NuDrive Air ultimately changes the way people live. By controlling the chair though a pair of levers, the users' hands are protected from dirt, eliminated the need to wear gloves, unless it's cold...

The levers can be attached to almost any wheelchair with 22, 24 and 25-inch spoked wheels. If you require a customised handle, be it curved or longer in length we can certainly manufacture a solution to suit your specific needs.

NuDrive Air specification sheet

Key benefits:

  • 50% more efficient than a traditional wheelchair
  • Tackle steep hills & slopes
  • Propulsion enforces a healthier lifestyle
  • Decreases shoulder degradation
  • Levers improve hygiene, no more mucky hands!
  • Easily attaches to most wheelchair types (including 22,24,25 inch spoked wheels)
  • Great for indoors, outdoors, normal & difficult terrain
  • Snap-lock levers are fitted to wheels in seconds
  • Levers are counter-balanced meaning they stay in an upright position at all times
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Great health benefits for:

Paraplegics, people with low dexterity (e.g. tetraplegics, artritis), muscle degeneration conditions, cerebral paresis, respiratory conditions and hemiplegics

Please view the medical study below

NuDrive Air medical study