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Stair Climbers

Stanley handling man and machine service

What type of stair climber are you looking for?

Whether it's materials or people, Stanley can deliver a stair climbing solution which is suitable for every need and environment.

Mobility Stair Climbers

Our specialist range of mobility stair climbers are perfect for transporting persons up and down stairs using a single operator. We have two models available, these are called the Tolo and the Jolly. Both variations are very easy to use as an operator can guide each machine up and down stairs at a simple touch of a button.

Each stair climber differs in capability. The Jolly eliminates the transfer process completely, delivering a solution for wheelchair users to be transported up and down stairs in the comfort of their own wheelchair. This machine can also be folded down to be safely stored away or easily transported in the boot of a car.

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jolly stair climber

The Tolo however offers two functions, stair climbing and an optional remote-control system for the user to operate around the home. This machine is primarily used for domestic use but can be used on most types of stairs, including spiral and narrow landings. This machine can also be fitted with additional lateral sides and alterations for a more bespoke solution for the user.

Perfect for fire evacuations & lift failures

Our mobility stair climbers are especially useful for fire evacuations and lift failures as they provide a safe and reliable solution for the disabled during their hour of need.

Our machines can climb up to 20 steps per minute, delivering a quick and safe solution for persons to be transported down stairs in the event of an emergency. Not only are our machines perfect for evacuation but they deliver a solution for when businesses' lifts have broken down. In many cases public buildings and residential homes cannot be without a lift for too long before it affects their bottom line.  And that's where Stanley comes in, we offer purchase and leasing options which accomodate different scenarios. For example, a care home waiting on a lift repair can hire out our machine in the meantime, this ensures their residents receive full access to the home and have a compliant evacuation process if a fire occurs.


Stair Climbers for Materials Handling

Moving heavy and awkward loads is an extremely laborious task and if there are stairs involved, it proves for an even bigger challenge. Aside from the limitations of manpower, handling such loads can cause severe injury if not carried out correctly.

Here at Stanley we offer an extensive range of stair climbing and vehicle loading solutions which not only eliminate the risk of injury, but increase the level of productivity and efficiency during the materials handling process. We have several types of stair climber with different capabilities and configurations to withstand most materials handling applications.

sprinter 150
sprinter 190
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m series landing page

Lift all kinds of loads up to 680Kg

The Stanley Sprinter range are lightweight and the smallest models in our portfolio. They can handle weights between 150kg-190kg and are highly portable. They feature touch button control, puncture proof tyres and removable, rechargeable batteries. They also offer two speeds, 34 steps per min/17 steps per min.

Next up is our PowerMate models. The L series can lift loads up to 318Kg, with one machine even featuring a moveable toe plate. What’s great about this design is its ability to transport loads up and down stairs and then onto a surface using a single motion. This type of stair climber is perfect for transporting heavy coffee machines between floors and then placing them in their correct location, all of which using a single operator.

The M series on the hand can deliver an impressive loading capacity up to 680Kg. These machines are primarily used for the heaviest of loading applications such as vending loads, fridge freezers and much more.

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