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Storage ideas for food & beverages

Looking for a great storage solution for your supermarket, warehouse, restaurant or bar? Well look no further, Stanley have you covered.

 We understand the pressure of finding the correct storage for the right products, even more so when it entails food and beverages. Those tasked with the job will need to consider the temperatures the goods need to be stored in, their accessibility and most importantly their hygiene levels on a daily basis.

 Stanley’s specialist range of shelving, racking and locker solutions can accommodate many of the requirements food and beverages need to be stored safely and efficiently. We have had decades experience working with some big brands in the retail sector, delivering solutions which handle large amounts of stock as well as supplying a range of workshop and premises equipment for ‘back of house’ applications.

 So, sit back and let us discuss your options.

 Fully galvanised and adjustable racking

Galvanised Shelving

This type of storage is perfect for storing stock in warehouses or for displaying heavy food and beverages in store, an example of this could be multi-packs of water. Racking can be easily assembled using a single or double-deep configuration, with heights up to 30m.

  • Bespoke racking solutions
  • Variable depths & widths
  • Beam loadings available up to 3500Kg
  • Store up to 13500mm in height using a single upright system
  • Operational temperature from -30°C to +40°C
  • Galvanized finish prevents rust, even at low temperatures
  • Many accessories to choose from including timber decking, pallet support bars, anti-collapse mesh and many more
  • Other racking options available including drive-in, live storage, cantilever, vertical, cable & coil

 Secure frozen food storage


For frozen foods we have many recommendations which can accommodate cold storage warehouses and walk-in freezer rooms. Our many galvanised racking and shelving systems prevent rusting, even when faced with condensation. They can also be structured in areas with temperatures as low as -30°C.

Easily accessible galvanised shelving


Whether it’s for in store or for holding supplies around ‘back of house’, specialist shelving cannot be missed. Galvanised storage avoids scratching and is hygienic for storing food and beverages, it can also be easily assembled. What’s great about shelving is the many accessories you can use to tailor your storage to suit your business. With supermarkets we would recommend perforated shelving systems because they are available for installations with sprinkler systems. The perforated panels can then be customised with different hooking harms, fruit and veg boxes or standard shelving depending on your products.

  • Accommodates a large range of lengths & depths

           Lengths up to 2700mm

           Depths up to 1200mm

  • Individual shelf loadings available up to 800kg when evenly distributed
  • Perforated panels

Lockers for staff


It’s important to have secure personal storage for your staff, these could be placed in staff rooms or in stock rooms depending on the layout of your business. Our specialist lockers come in a variety of sizes and can be customised with our extensive range of accessories including coat hooks, hanging rails, number plates, sloping tops and many more.

General equipment for back of house

 With over 20,000 products in our Stanley catalogue, we can offer anything from food scoops and dispensers right through to trollies and furniture to accommodate the needs of your business. Take a browse you may just find something you have been looking for…